Wednesday, 30 January 2013

OPAM January Finishes

I have signed up with OPAM for the first time, in the hopes that it will motivate me to become more productive.  This month I have two finishes so far, with another project due to be finished tonight (talk about last minute!).  I will post again later if I can get it completed in time.   Here are the two that are done...

Meet Rosie

This is my first softie and I'm really pleased with the result. Rosie has been a huge hit.  Little Miss will not part with her, day or night.  Yay!!

And here is a dress I made for Little Miss

It is meant to be size 4, but is huge!  So it has been put away for next summer.

I had asked Little Miss if she would put the dress on for me, so I could take a better picture.  No way!!!!!!!!  But when it came to taking the photo she just couldn't resist being part of it....

What's that saying... Never work with kids or animals!  So true!!

Until next time


  1. a beautiful couple of finishes leanne you have been busy and what a cutie pie.xx

  2. Rosie is gorgeous, and the little dress is so pretty. Your daughter is a sweetie, funny how they won't participate when you want them to.......

  3. Rosie is just soooo cute !!!
    I can understand why your daughter loves it !!
    Lovely dress too !

  4. Gorgeous finishes this month Helen! Rosie is so cute, so is Little Miss and her dress!