Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Oh boy, is it my day already????   Have you been following the Stitch me up blog hop?  What an amazingly talented bunch of stitchers there are out there.  The designs provided for the participants are stunning, and it has been great seeing everyones' interpretations of them all.

Well, I am about to humiliate myself.  I started on two projects and finished neither.  I've not been myself lately and am struggling to motivate myself to do much of anything.  Now that I have that out of the way, I shall proceed to show you what I HAVE done.  I've laid out the border fabric and binding with the projects so you can get an idea of how they should look when finished.

First up, a complete disaster.  I have given up on this one as I have decided that black just shows up my poor quality stitching WAAAAAY too much.

You can see where I have been attempting to unpick the worst offenders.  Even that hasn't gone well!

This next project is not far off being completed.  Just a few more french knots, some blanket stitching around the rectangles and, hey presto, my table runner will be done - well almost.  I would like to have used a fancier stitch than just back stitch but, well, I don't know how to do any others!

If you feel like popping back here in the not too distant future you may see the finished product.

Many thanks to Madam Samm, and the wonderful Jane, who has been our cheerleader for this blog hop (Jane thank you so much for your encouragement). Also, a huge thank you to the pattern designers Debbie, Cyndi and Madam Samm!

Here are the other crafty ladies who will be posting today.  Go and have a look, and be impressed!  Thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

February OPAM

A bit late posting (I'm in shock that March is here already!!), but here are my finishes for February.

I have completed another project but I won't be showing that until later this month, so it can't be counted yet.

We've had a bit of sickness around here lately.  Little Miss, then me, with colds, me with a headache that I can't shake off, and yesterday Little Miss had her vaccinations (she always ends up suffering, poor thing).  So I'm looking forward to a new month, with good health and good fortune.  Here's hoping for the same for you.

Until next time....