Monday, 2 July 2012

Everybirdy Welcome

Now, I realise I'm late posting about the gorgeous mini I received in the 12 inch mini swap. I owe Lyn a huge apology and she is entitled to think that I am an ungrateful so-and-so.  I have emailed her and begged her for forgiveness, not that I deserve it.  But look, finally here it is - and isn't it a beauty!!

The stitching is incredible. They are the tiniest stitches I have ever seen!  Just perfect!  Look at those knobbly knees, and the little birdies - what a cute design.  The French General fabric is beautiful too.   Really, what is there not to love about this mini - and it's mine, all mine!  Thank you so much Lyn for making this for me.  It was a great swap and everyone involved did a great job.  Thanks again to Cheryll for being such a great swap host.

Take care