Friday, 15 February 2013

Initial Heart Swap

Yay, I'm back!  I am now in possession of a shiny new laptop (not that my previous one was old - it was only a year old).  Unfortunately I am now running Windows 8.  It is soooo different!  If I hadn't been shown how, I wouldn't even be able to turn the laptop off.  There is no START button!  Intuitive it is NOT!!  I will play around with it for a while, and if I can't make sense of it, I'll be installing Windows 7.  I guess I'm showing my age - eeek!

Now, as I posted before I have received my Initial Heart from Michell.  Finally here are the photos.

And here is what I sent to Clare

As you can see my binding skills need major improvement.  I'm so sorry Clare.  Of course I also sent a box of choccies.

Thanks so much to Cheryl for organising this great swap.  I have loved being part of it.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lemonade and laptops

So, what do you get when you mix lemonade, a laptop and a child's feet?  A dead laptop, ha ha ha!!  Yep, my laptop is currently being assessed for insurance purposes, and who knows how long it will be before I'm up and running again.  For today, I'm using the library computer so that I can write a quick post and send an email to Michell to thank her for my Initial Heart gift.  Michell sent me a  sweet crazy patched (I think thats what it's called) heart made with gorgeous fabrics, and a bar of chocolate that has already been demolished.  I will have to post a photo at a later date when I have a computer again.  I will also post photos of the gifts I sent to Clare.  Clare phoned me on Saturday morning to tell me her parcel had arrived.  It was such a lovely surprise!  We must have chatted for close to an hour I'm sure.  Isn't this blogging/swapping community awesome!!

Well that is it for now.  I am looking forward to being able to catch up with everyones blogs soon.  I miss reading about what you are all getting up to.  I hope you are all well.

Take care