Saturday, 22 September 2012

SKOW progress and FNSI

Haven't posted for a while.  Nothing much has been going on here craft-wise, and I've been suffering the guilts because of it.   For the last week or two I have been working on my SKOW quilt, just a bit here and there, making not very much progress.  So I signed up for last night's FNSI as an incentive and really got stuck in. I managed to sew on the applique pieces on quite a few blocks and have traced the wording on ready for stitching.

These are the blocks I worked on last night.

I only got part way through sewing on the best friends, my finger just couldn't take any more stabs with the needle!

I love how this project is coming along now that I am back into it.  Many thanks to Chookyblue for the encouragement along the way, and the daily countdown which has really kicked my butt into gear.

Thanks also to Heidi  and Bobbi for organising the FNSI every month.

'Til next time