Saturday, 5 January 2013

A little late but here's the result of my FNWF

So not much got done on Friday.  Little Miss didn't go to sleep until 9.45pm - she's all out of kilter after a mystery illness - so by the time I managed to start on my project I was ready for bed myself!

I recut the legs using one piece of fabric for each, eliminating the seam down the front.  I'm much happier with the result now.  And I've started on the face.  This is such a cute pattern, and so simple to make.  It would be great to have a few of these made up for the present cupboard.  At the moment though I'd be grateful to just get this one finished!!

Many thanks to Cheryll for hosting Friday Night With Friends.  I'm off now to have a quick look at what everyone else got up to.

See ya


  1. lovely work Helen,hope little miss is feeling better.xx

  2. What a cute doll. I love the fabrics. Glad you got some sewing done eventually.

  3. I love beuatiful bright kitty already! I hope Little Miss is feeling a lot better now too. Tracee xx

  4. It's looking so cute, I love the fabrics you're using.

  5. It is going to be so cute. Love your fabric choice.

  6. that looks really cute and I love the fabrics... I hope Little Miss is feeling lots better now...