Saturday, 17 March 2012

FNSI - Getting back to my SKOW quilt ... AT LAST!!

I don't know what it is with my Some Kind of Wonderful quilt, but I seem to have quilters block when it comes to getting on and doing it.  I started off all guns blazing in Nov/Dec, but after half finishing each of the first four blocks, I just stopped ... and haven't touched it since.   I have great intentions and all, but when it comes to it I just can't get going again.  That is, until last night.  Here is a photo as proof that I am back in the game!

Not finished yet obviously, but the preparation is all done and now I have to get on with the stitching.  I want to do this house block and the garden block by the end of March, in line with the schedule for the SKOW SAL being run by Chookyblue.  I'm then going to keep up with the monthly deadlines, while catching up with the Dec/Jan/Feb blocks that I haven't completed yet.  A bit backwards I know, but if I just start from where I left off then I will always be behind.  This is going to be such a great quilt when it's finished... and it will be....on time!!!

Thank you to Heidi and Bobbi for hosting the FNSI.

See ya


  1. your house looks great go for it...............

  2. Well done Helen !! You will do it !
    Your house is lovely !!!

  3. Your house looks great and that is also a great plan of attack for this quilt to keep you going.

  4. looks great Helen.xx

  5. A wonderful block! Glad you could play along with FNSI!

  6. I prepared that same block as you on Friday night. And like you keep telling myself I will keep up to date from now on. Good luck to both of us! Tracee xx